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Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shanxi Black Stone Curtain Wall

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Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shanxi Black Stone Curtain Wall

Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shanxi Black Stone Curtain Wall

1, natural material, bright crystal, hard permanent, elegant.
2, frost resistance: stone in the wet state, can resist freezing and thawing without significant damage to the performance, this performance is called freezing resistance. The moisture in the rock's pores is frozen at temperatures below 20 ° C, and the water in the pores expands 1/10 larger than the original volume. If the rock does not resist the force of such expansion, damage occurs. Generally, if the water absorption is less than 0.5%, the frost resistance is not considered.
3 compressive strength: the compressive strength of stone will be due to mineral composition, crystal thickness, cementing material uniformity, load area, load and cleavage angle and other factors, and different. If the other conditions are the same, the crystalline particles are usually compact and bonded together with each other, with a higher strength. Dense volcanic rocks in the dry and saturated water, the compressive strength is no difference (water absorption is very low), if it is porous and fear of cementing rock, its dry and wet strength, there are significant differences.
1, heavy stone to do high-rise building facade of many serious danger in the construction industry in the bidding is not yet fully standardized, a lot of stone curtain wall project who is the lowest bidder who won the bid, so that low-cost winning , In order to lose money will cut corners. High-level (50 to 100 meters high) stone curtain wall with 100 to 200 yuan a square meter of low-grade granite is indeed a lot, this is not dangerous?
2, many design institutes are not familiar with the curtain wall, draw a range on the drawings, indicating what the curtain wall can be. Stone curtain wall is no exception, by the successful design of the curtain wall company, and some design institute asked the architect to seriously review, but most of the design institute to take the form of review, design off can not live this is not dangerous?
3, the construction projects, the state requires a supervisory company responsible for the quality, which is completely correct and necessary, is to ensure the quality of the project key, but unfortunately the supervision engineer is a lot of civil engineers, do not understand the curtain wall, let alone Stone curtain wall. This is because in the supervision of training materials in the lack of curtain wall materials, many supervisors are retired technical staff to play, not trained without knowing the curtain wall of the supervision, how can the final quality of the building around the quality inspection station, due to Less learning about new technologies, often encountered in the quality of acceptance difficulties.
4, stone curtain wall fire performance is poor, especially in high-rise buildings, the fire is generally lit in the room, the building will make the fire of the stainless steel plate and metal structure temperature rise, so that steel softening, loss of strength, slate will From the high-level formation of slate "rain" fall, not only dangerous to pedestrians, but also to fire and fire caused difficulties. This is just as the United States World Trade Center was hit down, because the WTO is all steel structure, steel softening loss of strength, the WTO building from top to bottom collapse.

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