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Black granite tombstone surface waterproofing agent selection requirements?

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Black granite tombstone surface waterproofing agent selection requirements?

Black granite tombstone surface waterproofing agent selection requirements?

Shanxi black granite tombstone surface of the waterproofing agent should be the following 6 points to choose:
1. Choose from the surface type of Shanxi black stone product. According to the type of stone surface to be treated to select the appropriate waterproofing agent. If it is smooth marble, then choose to deal with smooth marble waterproofing agent, sandstone stone is suitable for sandstone type of waterproofing agent, matte stone is selected for matte type of waterproofing agent.
2. Choose from the feasibility of the operation. Select the brush waterproofing agent to occupy the site is less appropriate, because many factories and construction sites do not have enough space for the use of water treatment agent for the place. Waterproof agent can quickly penetrate, do not have much time to dry. The operation method is simple and quick.
3. Choose the new product as much as possible. At present, the stone chemical industry is developing rapidly, many new, better performance waterproofing agent has been born out. If the price performance of new products than the more advantages, then select the waterproof agent as much as possible to consider the choice of new products.
4. From the practical start. As long as the domestic brand of waterproofing agent can provide the authority of the department (preferably the State Building Materials Bureau) identification and certification of the waterproof effect of the inspection report, and test results not less than or slightly lower than similar foreign products, the best preferred domestic brands. Domestic brands in the price advantage, but also easy to buy, there is the product quality of the dispute is also better consultations, product providers of technical support and after-sales service can also keep up with.
5. from the price to consider. At present, the domestic price of waterproofing agent is very different, if that the price is high and the waterproof effect is good and choose a high price of waterproofing agent, then the unit area of ​​the cost of waterproofing agent will be too high, the enterprise profit is relatively low. Therefore, the choice of waterproofing agent, you should take into account the relationship between price and effect.
6. From the concept of environmental protection. The market is now selling Shanxi black stone waterproofing agent is environmentally friendly and non-environmentally friendly two. In the selection of waterproofing agent to take into account the choice of waterproofing agent on the environment, the operator, the user harm. Environmentally friendly waterproofing agent on the environment pollution, the operator will not have side effects, let alone hurt the health of personnel. And non-environmentally friendly waterproofing agent has a certain stimulating smell, and some even have a particularly strong irritating odor, the use of eating, can cause lung injury, severe cases can cause breathing difficulties. Excessive exposure to such water repellent aerosols can cause skin irritation, causing dry and dry skin, throat discomfort, causing difficulty breathing and dizziness. Non-environmentally friendly waterproofing agent residual liquid can not be dumped into the sewer, otherwise the environment will have a certain impact.

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