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China stone industry situation for three decades

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China stone industry situation for three decades

China stone industry situation for three decades
This year is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China Stone Association. Looking back in the past, 30 years of fights, our great motherland earth-shaking, ever-changing. 30 years Chunhua Qiushi, in the history of the river is only a brief moment. But the past 30 years, China's stone industry has gone through extraordinary history, productivity has been greatly developed, industrial structure optimization, vitality continues to increase.
China's stone industry from small to large, to achieve a historic leap, the new look. China's stone production and use has leapt to the world's first, become a veritable stone production and consumption power; independent innovation capability significantly enhanced, the main products, technologies and equipment to reach or close to the international advanced level; enterprise organization and regional structure optimization; Achieve gratifying achievements; energy-saving emission reduction effect is remarkable, clean production and recycling economy steadily.
From 30 years of such a longer period of view, the stone industry has the following characteristics:
1, it is a typical resource industry, with a typical cyclical characteristics, vulnerable to macroeconomic regulation and control of real estate policy, for the national economic GDP growth, monetary credit is more sensitive;
2, it is an optional consumer industry, with an alternative to the sensitivity of inflation higher than the consumer goods industry must be;
3, stone industry, relying on the origin of resources and the origin of consumption at both ends, with a cluster of extensive development characteristics. However, due to the acceleration of the world economy and the social and economic integration of the country, there are regional trends in the regionalization of the global market and the specialization of the regional market, the regional transfer of the comparative advantages of the global market and the market and the production and circulation of the domestic market. In the weakening, between the city and the increasingly fierce competition between the local exhibition activities are more active;
4, China's eastern, central and western gap is large, uneven distribution of resources, where the development stage of the deviation, driven by the development of different elements and models. Therefore, the stone industry must re-adjust the layout, in accordance with the origin of genes to establish origin positioning, to achieve regional transformation and innovation and development.
5, natural stone with decoration, art and ornamental. Due to the different size and arrangement of natural stone mineral particles, with a special combination of natural patterns and colors, coupled with its plasticity, so the domestic and international exchanges between the active, people love nature to be satisfied.
Looking back thirty years, China's stone industry has experienced several obvious characteristics of the development of the climax:
The first climax: shortly after the reform and opening up, that is, since the establishment of the China Stone Industry Association in 1983, from the mid-80s of last century to the introduction of foreign complete sets of stone equipment more than 300 production lines characterized by the climax;
The second climax: from the beginning of the early 90s of last century, especially in 1992, after the speech of Deng Xiaoping's southern tour, stone products and stone imports of raw materials characterized by the import and export development climax;
The third climax: from the beginning of this century to stone mineral resources development and large leading enterprises to expand the focus of the development of the climax;
The fourth climax: from the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of the "second five" since the beginning of the stone industry to adjust the layout, transformation and upgrading, clean production characteristics of the climax.
According to the characteristics of the stone industry and the development of climax, as of now, China's stone industry has experienced the following two complete development stage, running in the third stage, has not yet entered the fourth stage:
The first stage is the "market-driven" development stage. As the stone industry is a relatively free and competitive industry, there is no monopoly and moat, with the 1978 countries to implement reform and opening up, in the framework of the establishment of a market economy, the edge of the edge of the property industry earlier identified the nature of property, the introduction of the market Equal exchange of incentives, the enthusiasm of the eastern coastal villagers to be mobilized, the productivity was greatly released, and quickly to the mainland and the central and western regions. Many of these places from the beginning of the eighty-century development, driven by the market, disorderly competition, management is extremely extensive market-driven, during which the country set up the China Stone Association in 1983 to strengthen the industry management.
The second stage is the "factor-driven" development stage. After the completion of the first stage of the rapid development of China's stone industry to enter the labor-driven, land and mineral resources-driven, capital-driven as the main feature, the formation of clustered cluster "tangible factor-driven" development stage. From the point of view of labor, rich and cheap labor force has become the comparative advantage of China's stone industry, and China soon became the world's factory. The labor-intensive production of stone products has become an important growth engine for foreign trade. From the resource elements, And the mineral elements to become stone enterprises to establish the first consideration of the processing plant elements, and even more than the labor and market elements; from the capital elements, only continuous investment, expand the scale of production in order to enhance market share and achieve economic growth, Business development model is exactly the same; and environmental and energy elements do not consider the basic.
The third stage is the "efficiency-driven" development phase. After the first stage and the second stage of the rapid development of gold three decades later, since the beginning of 2011, China's stone industry began to adjust the layout and control, brand, technology, channel transformation and upgrading, clean production "Efficiency driven" development stage. This stage is expected to take about 10 to 15 years or so.
The fourth stage for the "innovation-driven" development stage, but not yet yet. In the case of other conditions unchanged, according to the current growth rate, the Chinese stone industry will be in the "four four five-year plan" range, that is from 2012 onwards about 10 ~ 15 years time to complete the third Stage of the "efficiency-driven" development stage, to reach the "innovation-driven" development of the fourth stage.
I think that the stone industry is currently in the "efficiency-driven" stage, there is still a strong "market-driven" and "factor-driven" traces, often accompanied by innovation-driven thinking and behavior of the bud. From factor-driven to efficiency-driven transformation, there are two meanings: First, mainly rely on exports and investment-driven to rely on consumption, investment and export coordination to stimulate the transition, is the growth mode of change, is our development strategy; Extensive growth to intensive growth transformation, in fact, to improve the level of productivity and competitiveness, is to enter the "innovation drive" the only way. In contrast to the "factor-driven" phase, the "efficiency-driven" phase emphasizes a virtuous cycle of growth, improving input-output ratios, increasing productivity, and increasing return on investment. In turn, the return on investment can improve the input-output ratio.
Based on the development characteristics of China's stone industry and the "efficiency-driven" development stage, as the government departments, industry associations, industrial clusters and industrial park management, tangible market investors and other stone management level, should rely on laws and regulations , The entry threshold, testing, on-site management system to implement the regulation, and stone production and management enterprise level is mainly rely on control, brand, technology, channels, environmental clean and other inherent ability to enhance the market share to effectively expand the enterprise economy benefit. This stage of the stone business organizations to be more flat, not like the past, the pyramid, as far as possible management system, the system process, process information.
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