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Shanxi Black granite and stain protection

Good quality Hebei black granite for sales
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Shanxi Black granite and stain protection

Why do Shanxi Black granite have to protection and stain? Shanxi Black blocks and the hair version of fire board hammered What color?

Shanxi Black light boards to complete after the board than the original hair color is a slight increase fire board (black), the reason is the light board during the final polishing process increase the use of metal oxides and other chemical raw materials Resin polishing, making polished plate light Some deeper or darker color. Then, after renovation, Shanxi Black light board after rough grinding, fine grinding fine grinding, the original darker color or black glossy been removed, exposing the original character. Also, because renovation of mechanical speed and disc pressure and the automatic assembly line used in stone processing mill or hand on a greater difference between mill can not be processed at or slightly worse than the effect of light board, so when the renovation process to be used for abrasive.

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