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Shanxi black stone white reason

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Shanxi black stone white reason

Shanxi black stone white reason

1, grinding optimization
Black stone white the primary reason, three words: no good grinding. It should be noted that grinding black stone is prohibited from jumping. If the jump, there will be "pressure on the number" of the situation, meaning that the next level of grinding can not withstand the level of grinding on the scratches left, must be white.
2, black stone can not cover scratches
In fact, no matter what kind of stone on the scratches, are white. We recall, daily life, small to the phone protective film on the scratches, large to a variety of colors on the car scratches, without exception, are white. This phenomenon is determined by the optical principle, and material and color has nothing to do.
Therefore, the ability of black stone to cover scratches is the lowest. Grinding scratches, grinding tablets caused by coarse particles scratches, sand caused by scratches, these are easy to make black stone gray, white.
3, black stone easy to pollute
Some people think that the black stone possession of pollution capacity should be strong, right? This understanding is wrong. Black is a very strong contrast to the color, dust, stains, pollution, which are very easy to appear on the black stone, resulting in visual effects gray, white.
4, stone "color" and "Ze" relationship
Stone color, derived from the nature of the minerals contained. Therefore, the black stone, mainly depends on the nature of their own minerals show up. So how to do it?
We have this experience: the water poured into the stone, stone color becomes moist and transparent. This is because the water in the process to fill the stone surface of the rugged, the mineral nature through the out. This process is actually optimized for the stone surface.
Grinding 50 # when the white, grinding 300 # gray, grinding finished 3000 #, gloss to 65 degrees or more, the stone's character is more and more clear. Therefore, the higher the gloss, stone color is more and more bright.

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