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Stone industry chain of the future trend from the mine to the consumer

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Stone industry chain of the future trend from the mine to the consumer

Stone industry chain of the future trend from the mine to the consumer
Stone people's industrial chain model is wrong, the concept, I believe a lot of stone people have considered, because the stone people in the sale of stone products will be found when mining from the mining stone blocks, to consumers to buy stone products, The middle of the link seems to be particularly large.
Stone people may wish to sum up, from a block into the hands of consumers, it has to go through several links. Is the mine, Huangliao traders, processing factories, large wholesalers, engineering processors, engineering agents, decoration companies, owners. Perhaps these intermediate links are not enough, maybe more. We can see that then so many links, of course, do not meet the modern society of a transaction and a commodity model.
Then the stone will find a phenomenon, this year the whole head of the stone industry, including the country's stone industry are experiencing a big problem, we all say, Oh, my business is very bad, very bad. Well, but in fact the status quo in the stone business is, stone processing business is very good, stone business is busy, do not believe you can ask a few people to do the project, they are also very busy.
This phenomenon may make a lot of people do not understand, but the stone is rarely thinking about why this situation. In fact, the stone can be considered, if so many of the intermediate links, as any one of the consumers can not accept.
Then in the future, to sell the slag of the trading company or to do the sale of large plates of this industry will not exist? Most of the stone people can be sure to tell you that does not exist. Really, there will be no longer a big board of wholesale, this market will only be smaller and smaller, the proportion will be smaller and smaller, which is not thinking about changing the future direction of stone people. Because we found that in this market, by the impact of the biggest, that is, these simple sell blocks to sell large plates.
And if you put all the links on a person to dry, you will find the middle part of the less and less, then your cost is more and more savings, your consumers are more and more like you.
A stone business owner put forward a point of view, there is a business model called F2C, factory to the consumer, which is popular in the world a consumption model.
However, for our stone people, I may ask the request will be higher, that is, Q2C, Quarry to Clients, mine to the consumer.
But also fit the concept of our stone industry chain, the future, we may have to become a stone owner, the future of each of our stone people have to become a producer, then you will never finish Of the order. That is, the future of the stone industry, with the resources and processing capacity of stone talent is the final winner. That is, our stone industry, to the last person to stay is such a number of people.
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