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The commercial use of Taibaiqing granite stone

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The commercial use of Taibaiqing granite stone

The commercial use of Taibaiqing granite stone
Taibaiqing structure is a small granular coniferous crystal structure, so its strength is relatively large, resistant to natural (light, flooding, thermal expansion and contraction, the natural environment of acid, weathering, etc.) strong. So there are thousands of years of permanent argument, in fact, its natural life more than this! Do mirror polished, luminous up to 100 degrees or more. So there are black mirror said. What are the commercial uses of Hebei black stone?
The commercial use of Taibaiqing marble:
First, the construction of sheet metal, including imported granite. Imported marble, Chinese black granite, made marble, sandstone, slate and artificial stone.
Second, the garden decoration, including stone tables and chairs, feng shui ball, stone basin, railings, pavilions, stone ball, feng shui ball, fountain, lanterns, Roman column, paving stone, Curb, cultural stone carving stone.
Three, architectural decoration, mosaic, parquet, lines, fireplace, kitchen countertop, bathroom sink, kitchen utensils, tub and other stone furniture.
Stone carvings include animals, people, animals, tombstones and other sculptures.
5, other handicrafts or ornaments, including stone flower, stone stationery, stone lamps, stone tableware, stone kitchen utensils, stone tea, stone utensils, stone style appliances, stone jewelry, stone paintings, stone bonsai and so on.
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