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The Uses and Characteristics of Shanxi Black

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The Uses and Characteristics of Shanxi Black

The Uses and Characteristics of Shanxi Black

1, with good decorative performance, applicable to public places and outdoor decoration.
2, with excellent processing performance: saw, cut, polished, drilling, sculpture and so on. Its processing accuracy of up to 0.5μm below the luminosity of more than 1600.
3, good wear resistance, 5-10 times higher than cast iron.
4, thermal expansion coefficient is small, not easy to deformation, and indium steel is similar to the temperature affected by minimal.
5, elastic modulus, higher than cast iron.
6, good rigidity, large damping coefficient, 15 times larger than steel. Can shock, shock.
7, with brittle, damaged only partial loss, does not affect the overall straightness.
8, the chemical nature of stability, not easy weathering, acid, alkali and corrosive gas erosion, the chemical and silica content is proportional to the service life of up to 200 years.
9, with non-conductive, non-magnetic, field stability. Usually, divided into three different categories: Fines: Feldspar crystals have an average diameter of 1/16 to 1/8 inch. The average diameter of feldspar crystals is about 1/4 inch. Coarse-grained: feldspar crystals have an average diameter of about 1/2 inch and a larger diameter crystal, and some even reach a few centimeters. The density of coarse particles is relatively low.

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