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Treatment Method of Hebei Black in Litchi Face

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Treatment Method of Hebei Black in Litchi Face

Treatment Method of Hebei Black in Litchi Face

Litchi surface is not a fire surface, but are the surface of the treatment of roughening. Surface roughening methods are: 1, natural thunder 2, mushroom surface 3, burning surface 4, machine plane 5, sandblasting and so on. Litchi surface is the surface of the point is protruding to the kind of (fire surface is mostly concave into). Litchi surface is a manual treatment, there will be more uniform damage to the surface, there are obvious more regular particles out, of course, with the operation of the people and the machine has a relationship, there are rough surface effect. The size of the surface of the litchi raised particles, the distance between the particles and the particles is very regular. Litchi face as most prominent, so even more rough. Lychee surface application is increasing, which is not only with the hard, solemn and other characteristics related

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